Stress Relief

Tonic – Tissue E is widely available. It includes the three cell salts in Debility – Tissue B mentioned on the Resources page, and two additional phosphates. This tonic energy formula includes the phosphate cell salts related to minerals essential for strong effective blood cells, growth, repair, recovery, and healthy nervous systems.

Tissue E offers support for young, old and in between, especially when vitality is running a bit low or stress is presenting itself. For pain, fatigue, restlessness, physical tiredness, minor irritations, low fevers and various symptoms related to teething, puberty, aging and physical or mental stresses at any age.

Hylands’ versions of this tonic are Biochemic Phosphates  and Nerve Tonic  (for stress, nervousness, mental anxiousness, irritability, and the inability to concentrate).

Any of these three combos provide good support post electroshock, perhaps best used prior to each meal.



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