DIY care (cell salts & homeopathics)

With recovery from PTSD professional help is essential yet some are drawn to self care. You can exploit both.

A recovery remedy is Nat Sulph 6x available from and some health food stores. It is likely that Ferr Phos will also benefit.

The cell salt combination Debility- Tissue B provides support during recovery from electroshock.

Kingbio has over-the-counter products germane to PTSD recovery, see Sleep Aid and Anxiety & Nervousness.

  • Anxiety and Nervousness Dosing – This can be used on a regular or episodic basis. Since your sleeping and waking dreams have the same source, it’s fine to take this just before bedtime.
  • Sleep Aid Dosing – You can schedule the full daily dose in the few hours before bedtime.

You can apply Traumex along the Yang Wei Mo (it’s  fine to begin at either side, left or right):

Begin at right side of occiput,

down outside of neck,

across right upper back to right shoulder joint,

down outside of right arm to tip of right middle finger,

on right side of rib cage down to right hip prominence,

down the mid thigh to the outside of right knee,

down the right calf,

around right ankle,

along the right foot between the smaller toes,

repeat the above: begin at the left side of occiput


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