Symptoms and Mag phos

As mentioned at the site, it is not possible to predict in full detail how an individual later reacts to electroshock. It’s idiosyncratic, some of what follows in the months/years that follow depends upon what they are thinking or doing while being shocked.

Consider the following possible symptom set (symptoms listed in no particular order):

  • being anxious, irritable, panic attack, feeling stressed, diplopia (side by side), fitful cough, hiccups, sneezing, sensitive skin, headache, migraine, leg cramp, twitching

If you had electroshock and begin to experience any of the above or more of the above, you can consider using the cell salt Mag phos. The link is to recent notes and great detail is here. An easy help would be to include these foods (being mindful of possible food allergy) in your normal diet: brazil nuts white beans wheat soybeans corn walnuts peanuts peas.

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