CBD Hemp oil offsets electroshock

CBD Hemp oil can help the patient recover from electroshock


Clinical uses of CBD Hemp oil include: anxiety, digestive issues, depression, endocrine disorders, seizures, migraines, nausea, neurodegeneration, PTSD, sleep disorders, stress, and traumatic brain injury. I like Gaia because they do well as regards quality control.

The recommended use for this oil is 15 drops morning and evening until you feel normal. Shake well before use and hold it under your tongue for 90 seconds. I have six other remedies to recommend, no apologies. Electroshock is devastating and tricky to recover from. A complete remedy set will be explained soon.

Acupuncture and Recovery

Acupuncture can often help recovery from shock treatment. Many acupuncturists are also skilled with herbal medicine, a source of inexpensive remedies where the clinical trials began thousands of years ago and never stopped (incredibly better than what passes for good meds in the US, just look at the crap ads on TV … those greedy idiots don’t know that by citing an endless stream of abysmal side effects, the viewers unconsciously sets themselves up for failure at their first dose). Since 1993, acupuncturists have been my teachers on occasion (as I learned intermediate Jin Shin Do) and I have studied with them for CEUs required for my license.

  • It is especially vital for a shocked patient to improve their adrenal function (almost always diminished aka adrenal fatigue) and a good acupuncturist (see Marc below) can be a great help with that.

I have lately been meeting with Dr Mark Cutler as we share perspectives about electroshock and its sequelae. Fortunately, he is experienced in treating PTSD and people electroshocked, so for folks in the Raleigh NC area, a remarkable resource (for depression and many health aspects, not just PTSD). I will share here later, the fruits of our dialog.