David A. Armstrong

As an ordained priest of The Order of Melchizedek, my intent is:

… to carry ease to those in pain,
solace to those in trial or distress;
and comfort and hope to all those afflicted …

As a youngster, a hero for me was E Bright Wilson Jr and I read his “An Introduction to Scientific Research” again and again in school and college and as a young engineer at GM and IBM. 

In the early to mid 1970s I worked with a psychologist at HR (IBM) and became more familiar with hypervigilance. I began to study the stress response and the pivotal work of Dr Hans Selye.

In the mid 1980s I worked (@ IBM Raleigh) for a year or so on writing test standards for assessing the electromagnetic radiation emitted by newly designed commercial business products e.g. VDTs, display devices. Europe was relatively more advanced than the domestic market (Sweden at the forefront; especially the Karolinska Institute) in these regulatory matters. This work helped me understand the effects of electromagnetic energy, both at a macro level (e.g. respiratory; endocrine; bone marrow) and at the cellular level (a cell wall can become briefly but repeatedly less permeable). It also blended well with my prior study of Dr Selye’s work. The energy emitted from electrical machines (VDTs, copiers, printers) is an external stressor for the body.

In my continuing education studies (circa 1999-2000), a professor spoke at length to a class of bodyworkers about trauma, with considerable detail about PTSD. I read some of “Trauma and Recovery” by Judith Herman, M.D and that helped me become clearer about the causal relationship of electroshock and PTSD. In 2002 I wrote a Clinical Pearl in the AOBTA Newsletter on “ABT and post traumatic stress disorder“. That Pearl was a way to share with my peers how Asian Body Therapy can aid recovery from PTSD.

Several years ago I retired from Jin Shin Do work and became a certified Nursing Assistant, active in advocacy or private duty nursing care for elders in Raleigh and Cary who were alone, seriously ill or near death. I had a court assigned monitoring activity at a Raleigh facility for elders. Elder care may include noncompliant people. Electroshock has become a popular way to ensure fewer unruly residents in elder care facilities.

  • You dear reader are only getting older and better hope they got this right (which I doubt) because by then (as an advanced elder), your thinking may not be as crisp as it is now and you could get a lot more familiar with electroshock (up front and personal) than you are now.

This video illustrates the birth of ECT, how electroshock came to be part of our medical system … clearly an inspired moment.  Over the years, no small part of the motivation for electroshock has been $. Based on distorted disclosure of faulty science, companies invent expensive equipment and physicians are paid per treatmentWhat could possibly go wrong?