Psychotherapy by the Holy Spirit

The file linked below is a cogent description of psychotherapy from a spiritual perspective. This gift from the Holy Spirit began in 1973 and was completed in 1975. Although true, it is not an easy read. I surmise that psychotherapy is not often well-practiced now, circa 2017, nor has it been in the last century. Grasping the meaning of the psychotherapeutic process is an important part of healing the mind. No other present medical procedure or process will ensure sanity or even lead toward sanity (mostly ignorance and greed abound). If you have a question you can write me or post it, and I will reply. After following this link, you need to open the result in Google Docs

Electroshock and weight gain

If you have had more than a few electroshock sessions you perhaps have noticed how uncomfortable it is when you allow yourself to become hungry (this might also be true if you only had 1 session). Hunger can be an imprint of electroshock.

The shocks are usually administered after a meal has been missed so they often happened when you were hungry. If you have this imprint, that is why you may not often allow yourself to become hungry … your body noticed that torture followed hunger. That is also why you began to have a weight problem long after your shock sessions were over.