Dr Mark Goulston provides a profoundly rich resource in his book on PTSD. On page 14 he notes that severe physical assault is a high risk trauma.

  • The seizures induced by electric shock were a threat to both doctor and patient. These threats differ. Anaesthesia was introduced to the electroshock process primarily to diminish the patient’s broken teeth and broken bones that led to prior malpractice suits and this diminished the threat to the doctors. Electroshock is a severe physical assault. Patients may be medicated in advance (prep) are usually anaesthetized during electroshock (at least in the US and UK), and monitored in recovery. Memory loss and PTSD always happen, the degree of memory loss is idiosyncratic (some detail here). Electroshock always induces a coffea state in the patient; when they don’t actually drink coffee their body behaves as if they did (so when a shocked patient drinks some coffee their body behaves as if they drank more).

Dr Mark’s book has vital info for anyone who had electroshock or their family. You can read the whole of Chapter 1 “The Invisible Epidemic of PTSD” here. Dr Mark covers Complex PTSD which happens after repeated trauma. Some physicians offer monthly “maintenance” electroshock.

monthly electroshock is profitable, but can transform
PTSD to Complex PTSD; a disservice to the patient

Chapter 6 in Dr Mark’s book has great guidance about choosing who can help. Promising recovery helps are psychotherapy acupuncture and homeopathy.

Which Therapist?

It is important to choose a helper/therapist who can best meet your needs. For PTSD in general, there is a lot of focus on combat/war related issues but your issues are not those. I expect that a therapist who has helped those

who were tortured, or repeatedly abused, or
repeatedly raped, or repeatedly electroshocked

can help you. Guidance on locating a therapist is here.


Acupuncture can often aid recovery from shock treatment. Many acupuncturists are also skilled with herbal medicine, a source of proven inexpensive remedies where the clinical trials began thousands of years ago and never stopped. Since 1993, acupuncturists have been my teachers on occasion (as I learned intermediate Jin Shin Do) and I have studied with them (re herbs, moxabustion, dietary therapy) for the periodic CEUs required for a licensed acupressurist.

I have lately been meeting with Dr Mark Cutler as we share perspectives about electroshock and its sequelae. Fortunately, he is experienced in treating PTSD so for folks in the Raleigh NC area, a remarkable resource (for numerous health aspects, not just PTSD).


In the USA there is a lot of discussion about medications (and way too many ads), which one is better etc. Coffea Tosta will be seen to be very helpful, along with Nat Sulph. Any remedy that is acceptable to your unconscious mind can benefit you. Any remedy not acceptable will not benefit. Click here for information about homeopathy.

Therapy and Homeopathy

These can be combined to your benefit, a homeopath can support progress on issues presently being addressed or avoided in psychotherapy. Your therapist can address aspects seldom or often discussed with a homeopath.

Family and friends matter, a helper can benefit from this Recovery service. It is often not easy to live with someone experiencing PTSD (understatement). You can learn enough to assist, even if your shocked friend never participates. It is fine if both participate, but either one participating is a step in the right direction.

With this Recovery service, those who had electroshock may be able to learn and practice ways to manage or diminish or eliminate effects of their electroshock scars, the post-traumatic stress disorder and coffea state which always arise after their electroshock.

  • the qualification “may” reflects the possibility that for some, the degree of damage from repeated electroshock inhibits or precludes meaningful recovery

Specific helps for the patient are shown on the Imprints Triggers Helps page.

Updates and recent relevant news is at the recovery news blog.

Recovery can span a few months or a few years. It is unwise to ignore spiritual healing. God remains your only healer.