Imprints, Triggers, Helps

Below are several things and helps to consider about your recovery from electroshock and Complex PTSD. Imprints and triggers are partly unpredictable, they may vary among different people even though those people share the same kind of shocking experiences. So some of what is below may not apply to you and you may experience things not mentioned, like new problems with your memory. The aspects below  reflect about 40 years of one person’s symptoms after electroshock where their Complex PTSD was treated, but not well treated.

Complex PTSD

Here, each treatment becomes an imprint, so each successive electroshock session is more traumatic. The tables below show what helps and where to obtain the helpers. These helpers support your recovery from electroshock. If you cannot afford all of them now, begin with Rescue and add others in the sequence given, when you can (work your way down the list).

Usage (in top down sequence)


How to use



1st: Bach Rescue liquid


Apply liquid to temples once daily where electrodes were until touching temples causes no ill feeling.

In addition, use daily upon arising and before bed until you feel normal (If trauma is retriggered, use a total of  three times per day until you feel normal)

Nat Sulph 200 c Use once per day (until headaches are gone and digestion is normal)
CBD Hemp Oil 1 drop under the tongue morning and evening until you feel normal (shake well before use and hold it under your tongue for 90 seconds)
American Ginseng 2 tablets per meal each day until you feel normal (for fatigue)
CBD Hemp Chocolate If used, only eat it in the morning
Nerve Tonic Begin with two tablets under the tongue every 15 minutes (for 6 doses). Then 2 tablets three times per day every day until you feel normal
Coffea 200 c Once daily at bedtime until headaches, sleeplessness, toothaches, and tinnitus are gone
Last, Bach Rescue cream Apply cream to wrists and ankles once daily until gripping them causes no ill feeling

Note: if the beginning Rescue liquid does not help, replace it with Bach Agrimony

Ordering Information


How to obtain

American Ginseng
Nat Sulph 200 c
Bach Rescue creamOr liquid health food store
Nerve Tonic
CBD Hemp Oil
CBD Hemp Chocolate
Coffea 200 c

Most helpers used have alternative suppliers, Bach remedies can be supplied by the Bach Center but oft are in stock at a nearby health food store

Coffee Less Tolerable

Electroshock is a major insult to the nervous system (especially the brain) and induces a coffea-like state in the patient. A coffea condition look like this (a common scenario for Starbucks fans):

sensitive to strain, noise and pain 

when over-stressed they experience:

hypersensitivity of all senses or
nervous piercing headaches or
occasional sleeplessness due to an overactive mind or
excitement or
every pain is too painful (especially toothaches) or
every nerve too nervous

Perhaps they develop Tinnitus


Homeopathic coffee will help relieve the coffea state. While a common dose is 30 C, a shocked person may do better with a 200 C dose. It can be a big help if the shocked person avoids coffee drinking until they feel more normal, more like they did when they felt OK (prior to electroshock).  Generally a decaf beverage is more suitable and chocolate may be risky.

Sleep Disturbed

After electroshock you may notice that your sleep is less tranquil, less refreshing. The simple act of falling asleep may trigger a twitch or spasm. You were likely shocked in a prone position and the simple act of sleeping prone may be unsettling, cause you to toss and turn in your now more shallow sleep. Side sleeping may not work well because of the hidden scar(s) where an electrode(s) was pressed against your temple (pressure or rubbing on these places may be disturbing).


A well-sized recliner may allow for better sleep at the beginning stage of recovery. Soft foam earplugs are inexpensive and effective (available at drug stores and home centers). A Homeopath (see Referral) can probably help you improve sleep quality, see also DIY on the Resources page.

  • Dr Teitelbaum has an herbal sleep formula also contact Kathryn Jones about her Sleep and Relax formula (see Referral page).


After electroshock your digestive ability may be altered. For Sue (see Scars page) it meant chronic low stomach acid, achlorhydria.


Sue was helped by a modest digestive aid produced by Hoechst AG, years ago (quite like the product today named Zyme-Aid). A digestive aid is tricky to assess because some of the symptoms of low stomach acid are the same as for excess stomach acid.


You have likely noticed that after electroshock you are more easily startled. Also, because of hypervigilance the simple act of driving a car is less pleasurable, more stressful, because with driving, you need to be alert anyway, but you already are, so it’s excessive. Eventually you will also notice an increase in worry and anxiety (seemingly strange things happen with your body or emotions and helpful guidance about it is sparse).

The vast majority of so-called normal people have generalized anxiety disorder (undiagnosed in most) so you and caregivers and friends can consider that.


Contact Kathryn Jones (see Referral page) about the Anxiety Stress Relief formula.

Adrenal Function

After electroshock, stress increases and it helps you to maintain good adrenal function while you (do or do not) recover from PTSD. When there were flu epidemics, autopsy very often revealed atrophied adrenals in those who died from flu. Adrenal function is essential for your survival and proper adrenal function feels a lot better during recovery.


Dr Teitelbaum has an adrenal support formula. Usually also locally available. The level of DHEA you produce can be measured at home. DHEA supplements are available over the counter but it is tricky to dose, best follow physician guidance.


You were restrained during electroshock and now have at least six hidden scars, places on your body that visually appear OK but if touched pressed or rubbed are quite disturbing (ankles wrists and wherever the electrodes were) … “Fifty Shades of Grey” not much fun now.


The Rescue Remedy Cream by Dr Edward Bach can be gently applied to your hidden scars. It’s probably good to do this even if bondage has no appeal.

Marital/Family Relationships

After electroshock there is an increase in marital stress. As the PTSD symptoms unfold, medical expenses can increase. It can be difficult for anyone to assess what is happening, partly because the medical community may be ignorant about your PTSD. In the case of Sue (see Scars page) her spouse and brother spoke of having her committed (because she became interested in a Unity church rather than the Methodist/Baptist worship they preferred). Sue did not know her rights and chose separation/divorce rather than continued spousal abuse and the dreaded possibility of hospitalization or electroshock.


When separation seems best it is crucial to consult an attorney who specializes in Family Law. It is expensive but can prevent many monetary problems you are yet unaware of.


During electroshock a bite plug was between your top and bottom teeth and you experienced a lot of tension in  your jaw muscles. This may show up later as bruxism or gradually worsening alignment of your teeth.


Hypervigilance and poor quality sleep inevitably lead to fatigue, possibly a need for restorative naps etc. In the mid 1980s Sue (see Scars) dozed off very briefly on the interstate highway while driving home after work.


One of the best helps is the American Ginseng herb, a restorative. For acute support the herb Siberian Ginseng will help. A 20 minute nap after lunch helps.

TENS Therapy

After electroshock, electricity in your skin may be a trigger your shock trauma so a TENS unit cannot help with myofacial pain relief. Too disturbing, unsettling.


A topical like Iron Hand liniment or Muscle Ice can help. Therapeutic massage can help.


After electroshock you may notice white coat hypertension. A physician/medical imprint may occur so you become increasingly wary of being with a doctor or nurse, and your blood pressure aka BP rises above your normal level.


Tell your medical helpers that this happens for you. Forgiveness as a practice can diminish it. I can teach you how to do the forgiveness work.


The root of eczema and shingles is often anxiety. The common steroid topicals are of little value for eczema. As anxiety lessens, the eczema goes.


This meditative practice (perhaps early in your day) is superb. Simply do this:

Be still, and lay aside all thoughts of what you are and what God is;  all concepts you have learned about the world; all images you hold about yourself.  

Empty your mind of everything it thinks is either true or false, or good or bad, of every thought it judges worthy, and all the ideas of which it is ashamed.  Hold onto nothing.  

Do not bring with you one thought the past has taught, nor one belief you ever learned before from anything.  

Forget this world and come with wholly empty hands unto your God.


If you have had electroshock and you are shot with a Taser, expect an atypical reaction. It’s hard to predict what may happen with defibrillation, an atypical reaction may occur.


If there is no caregiver/family/friend helping you, review the guidance on the Friends and Family  page and Recovery page.

Updates and recent relevant news is at the recovery news blog.