The tone of this page may seem harsh, so please forgive that. The intent is simply to be honest and helpful.

  • As explained on the blog, all use of electroshock is based on the distorted disclosure of faulty science born of  a complex and richly rewarded system of academic personalities and corporate arrogance.

You have been deceived by some whom you trusted and truth may take awhile to fully grasp. A physician perhaps treating depression  or Schizophrenia said something like it was “your last best hope” and electroshock was administered. You or someone acting on your behalf may have signed a treatment consent form, probably not as complete as this patient information. The term electroshock is used here because ECT is seldom therapeutic, so the name itself is misleading.

If you believed, the placebo effect helped. Just because you aren’t consciously aware of what is happening doesn’t mean nothing’s happening. The devastation of electroshock is seldom visually apparent during treatment. Memories fade or disappear invisibly and are unconsciously replaced by equally invisible trauma imprints. In spite of belief and prudent precautions, electroshock is always traumatic. Afterwards you have post-traumatic stress disorder aka PTSD from the electroshock. You may awaken after electroshock feeling like you were run over by a truck but there is no bleeding and you can’t find any truck.

Except for the possibility of placebo, electroshock does not heal any illness.  If you were depressed before electroshock, you likely will go home with the same depression you arrived with, plus the PTSD introduced by the trauma of  electroshock. It always harms you yet few notice, other than you and family friends or colleagues close to you.

The PTSD you have is worth dealing with now because otherwise

  • the subsequent years will be a downward spiral, an endless string of stressful episodes where everyday events trigger the trauma of electroshock (see the page on Scars).

And there remains the poorly treated illness you had before electroshock was administered, to deal with simultaneously.

  • Effective humane treatment of mental illness requires helpful meds, good communication, psychotherapy, and no electroshock

You have been on a difficult journey to a worse place, and you can change direction, you deserve better, the time is now, and you need not heal alone. A helping hand is extended.

  • It’s fair to ask who Barbra Streisand sings about. She sings of the Holy Spirit, the Voice for God which faithfully quietly guides you from the hell we made to the peace and joy which were are and will ever be your birthright.

The Recovery process for treatment induced PTSD is clear.

 Resources and Referral support your recovery.

See also, Imprints Triggers Helps.

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