Dr Marc Cutler is superb with Chinese medicine, an acupuncturist. He has treated many shocked people and others with PTSD from other causes. The scope of practice is well beyond those two aspects and quite broad (confession, Marc is our family physician).

Homeopathy is included because the patient is always dealing with numerous scars, the PTSD, and a coffea tosta state. Recovery may span nested traumas. Homeopaths are superb at unwinding nested problems, “It’s what you do”. These are in no particular order and I have no financial interest in these services:

Kathryn Jones (Health Counselor, M. Ed., DiHom) in Moses Lake WA is amazing. Formulates homeopathic remedies that are simple yet effective and provides clear guidance on their use. A very informative web site. Answers all query about any product ( 800 390 9970), write A modern perspective.

Meri Martin is beyond words, the pinnacle of inspired human touch. Just show up.

Cindy Lora-Renard is remarkably gifted, a peerless counselor – helped me with writer’s block – deep wisdom.

Dr Susan R DeLaney is a local Naturopathic physician and superb homeopath. Likely among the first to notice a connection between electroshock and PTSD.

Lorraine Lewis is peerless with Trager and that relaxation helps a lot.