Sidran provides a helpful  glossary, and so much more.

The Law Project for Psychiatric Rights is helpful, very comprehensive.

Juli Lawrence provides a comprehensive view of electroshock at

This medical ID card is good quality with a reasonable one-time fee. You can specify that electroshock is forbidden or part of your history.


Linda Andre wrote an amazing 2009 reveal about electroshock in her Doctors of Deception book reviewed here .

“Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder for Dummies” by Mark Goulston, MD. The TOC for this book is here


Sometimes a social/peer group is entertaining or recreational. Those who were electroshocked can benefit from two closed groups (applying members are screened) who share practical helps from members who have learned a lot (the hard way) about meeting the challenges of life after electroshock.

Facebook has a closed group where friends caregivers or patients are welcome to share/learn named “The archaeology of ECT”. A therapeutic focus.

There is also an older FB group, closed & active and helpful with a global focus … named “Surviving electroshock – Global support group for ECT survivors”. Some here are reformers/activists.

Professional Help

Kathleen Marsocci, has been wonderful in helping me through the themes and detail of using WordPress for this site. If you want help with your web page, do contact her. Created by Kat shows a few of the sites she created.

Although I am biased toward self-care, recovery from electroshock can be challenging. The concomitant iatrogenic Complex PTSD and always induced coffea tosta state often calls for professional help. Many years ago I met Dr Marc Cutler at an herbal class. His majestic health practice has helped several electroshock patients recover from that devastating trauma.

A homeopath can aid recovery.  Check with friends in your area to see who provides the most helpful remedy and support.